Bitot's Spots

Bitot's spots are superficial, irregularly-shaped, foamy gray or white patches that appear on the conjunctiva, the membrane that covers most of the eyeball.

Causes: The conjuctiva is the thin membrane which is on top of, and covers, the visible part of the eye. The usual cause is a severe vitamin A deficiency. But being in a smoke-filled room can aggravate the problem.

Natural remedies for bitot's spots:

  • Take 25,000 IU of vitamin A for 2 weeks. Then take 15,000 IU each day for a full month. After that, reduce to 10,000 IU daily. If pregnant, do not take over 10,000 IU daily. Use an emulsion form of the vitamin for improved assimilation. It is also safer at higher doses.
  • Drink 2-3 cups of fresh carrot juice daily. Also eat lots of red and yellow vegetables.
  • Do not remain in a smoky environment.
  • Obtain enough rest, fresh air, and exercise.