Red Eyes or Bloodshot Eyes

Cause: The sclera is the white of the eye, forming the outer coat of the eyeball. There are tiny blood vessels on the surface of the sclera, which can become congested with blood, due to an insufficient supply of oxygen. Causes include eyestrain, fatigue, dust, pollen allergies, bright sunshine, cigarette smoke, other irritants, overwork, and staying up late at night. Drinking alcohol is a special cause. Bloodshot eyes can also mean capillary fragility throughout the body. High blood pressure or a lack of certain vitamins and amino acids may be the cause of that.

Natural remedies for Red Eyes:

  • Improve your diet; take vitamin A (5,000 mg daily), B2 (100 mg), B6 (100 mg), and the three amino acids: lysine, histidine, and phenylalanine. If you are eating a nutritious diet of fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts, you should be getting the needed vitamins and amino acids.
  • Get more rest at night. Pause and rest a little more during the day.
  • Do not use "drops" from the pharmacy. They have an agent in them that constricts the blood bessels. This may make your whites look whiter for a awhile, but no problems have been solved. Do not tinker with your precious eyes. When the drops wear off in a couple hours, the redness generally appears redder than before.
  • Lay a cool, wet washcloth over your closed eye. The cold constricts the blood vessels naturally and the moisture helps your eyes.
  • Be sure and drink enough water, so you will have an adequate amount of fluid in your tear ducts.
  • If the eyes are red when you wake up, the problem may be that you have a low-grade infection of the eyelids. Treat it by washing your eyes with warm water at night before retiring.
  • Any problem in the eyes should be taken seriously. Infection can be treated with a small amount of boric acid mixed with sterile water.
  • Helpful herbs include eyebright, fennel, and cornflower. Eyebright is remarkably helpful for a number of eye conditions.