Xerophthalmia is a severe drying of the eye surface caused by a malfunction of the tear glands. Also found in people with immune disorders, it occurs most commonly because of decreased intake or absorption of vitamin A. Symptoms include night blindness and eye irritation. In addition to the eyes being very dry, there is a loss of luster on their surface. At later stages, the corneas become soft, with increased opacity.

Causes: This is an infection of the cornea (the transparent part of the eye, through which light passes). The condition is caused by a lack of vitamin A.

If not treated, this disorder leads to chronic infection, night blindness, and/or biotot's spots. The cornea may soften and perforate. Infection may then spread inside the eye, resulting in blindness.

Natural remedies for xerophthalmia:

  • Very large doses of vitamin A are needed. Take 25,000 IU daily until the condition ends. Then reduce to 10,000 IU daily. If pregnant, do not take over 10,000 IU daily. Too much vitamn A can be a problem.
  • Take carotenoids daily: 3 glasses of carrot juice daily, plus eating fresh red and yellow vegetables.
  • Take vitamin B2 (100mg), vitamin B6 (200 mg), vitamin C (1,000 mg), and bioflavonoids (50 mg).
  • Zinc (20 mg daily) is also important.