Computer Eyestrain

Do you have tired, dry, or burning sensation in the eyes after working before a computer monitor for several hours? If you do, then you have a computer eyestrain. There are ways to continue in such work, without damaging your eyesight.

Here are several suggestions to help you protect as you work very long with computers:

  • Try to keep the screen two feet from your eyes.
  • Place the screen so that your line of sight is 10°-15° (about one third of a 45° angle) below the point on the screen where you tend to look at.
  • Do not work with a screen which is dull, blurred, or flickers. Find the cause and elimintae it or call in a technician. Vibration from a nearby fan may cause the flickering. Move it farther away.
  • The lower part (near view) of bifocals are located for looking down, not straight ahead. So you mayu need single (not bifocal) lenses for computer work.
  • Reduce glare. Do not have overhead lights or windows reflecting into the screen.
  • Blink often to keep your eyes from drying out.
  • Try to arrange your paperwork so that it is set at an angle, nearly the same height as the screen and closeto thae same distance from your eyes as the screen.
  • Dust the screen occasionally. Static electricity tends to coat it with dust.
  • Take 5-10 minute breaks every hour.
  • Use a glare-reduction filter approved by the Optometric Association.
  • An active-matrix LCD flat display is sharper and brighter than a CRT-based display screen.