Corneal Abrasion

Symptoms: A scratch on the surface of the cornea, which is the transparent front part of the eye. Symptoms usually occur suddenly and may include blurry vision, redness, watering of the eye, severe pain in the eye, frequent blinking, and sensitivity to bright light.

Cause: The cause could be a scrape by the edge of a newspaper or by a foreign particle such as a speck of dirt. Those who wear soft contact lenses and rub their eyes excessively are particularly at risk of such damage, because tiny particles can become stuck behind the lenses and scratch the surface of the cornea.

The problem is generally not serious, unless the abrasion becomes infected and a corneal ulcer may develop. A herpes simplex infection can cause that ulcer.

A corneal abrasion usually takes only a few days to heal, if the eys is closed and remained covered shut for 2 days.

Natural remedies for Corneal Abrasion:

  • Improve your diet, take vitamin c (5,000 mg, 3 times a day). Drink eyebright tea. Take echinacea tea.
  • If home remedies do not solve the problem within a few days, visit an eye doctor.